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Have You Heard About My Great New Client Offer?

Book a block of 8 classes, and I will give you UNLIMITED

FREE classes to use within the same term!!

Studio Locations

Reduce your class prices!


£17 per class


£124.00 - £15.50 per class


£224.00  - £14 .00 per class


£300.00  - £12 .50 per class


Term Class Packs


£17 pay-as-you-go, or save as you commit, with my popular class packs!!

Dynamic Pilates

A dynamic, flowing Pilates class combining dance & core strength exercises to strengthen, tone and elongate muscles using a variety of techniques & equipment.

Stretch and Tone

A powerful and flowing class designed to tone & stretch your muscles, using techniques from  yoga, pilates and ballet. A great way to increase your flexibility & strength. For all levels.

Easy Pilates

A gentle class for any age and ability - Ideal for beginners, AOP's (Active Older Persons!!), anyone recovering from injury or who just prefers to work at a slower pace.

60 min class

8  Week


One on One Training

A Barre inspired class using stretching and toning techniques from ballet and Pilates - Anny uses her ballet training expertise to guide you through a workout like no other.

Improve your fitness levels, weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, technique, or whatever your requirements may be.  I will make sure that your time with me is an enjoyable way to improve your fitness levels and achieve your specific goals.


PERSONAL TRAINING can be held at West $ Gym, Chiswick if you like a gym environment - this gives me the opportunity to develop a varied programme for you including core strength, pilates and even some antig gravity work if you want to add something really differnt to your fitness workout,


OR, if you prefer a more private and quieter envirojment you can do One to One Pilates, core strength and flexibilty training at STUDIO 1: Chiswick Tennis Club.


Depending on the weather we can also build in some outdoor training if you want or finally if you wanted to, we could work together at your home if it's suitable.


Whichever you choose I guarantee you motivation, fun and results!


This is such a powerful way to get fit as you get all my classes included in the price!


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INCLUDES FREE CLASSES when you book 8 sessions!!

Bootcamp Pilates

"So much fun! Very challenging but Anny really pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone. Loved it"

"Absolutely loved it. Really fun class and Anny was a kind and helpful teacher"

"Really great class. Really passionate teacher who really made me feel welcome"


"Loved it! Good experience, good stretch and a lot of patience for the newbie (me!)"


"Really fun, fantastic

AntiGravity Yoga class, I've been to quite a few different ones in the area. This is by far the best!!"

Jess Green

Steve Winder

Barbara Malinowska

Carolyn Field

Louise Martinez

60 min class

8 Week


60 min class

8 Week


60 min



60 min class

8 Week